A Mercy – Toni Morrison

What comes to mind when we think about a lover? Increased heartbeat, yearning for a reunion with the beloved, text messages and back in the day, “letters”. Many lovers in novels have written letters to or about their beloveds. Some novels are, in fact, letters. I am old enough to remember the letters that we … Continue reading A Mercy – Toni Morrison

Reading “Saul” by Vittorio Alfieri

Note: I had the opportunity to get to know Alfieri through my university professor whose great knowledge over the matter came to be of great help. My personal fondness of this play, and the fact that it narrates a biblical event made me decide to analyze it. Obviously the opinions here are totally personal. I … Continue reading Reading “Saul” by Vittorio Alfieri

Reading “Madame Bovary” by Gustave Flaubert

Note: These are my personal observations upon reading Madame Bovary. Needless to say, they can be totally contrary to what anybody else might grasp from reading the book. Throughout the text, I have included excerpts from Madame Bovary and other books; for the texts originally not in English, whenever not mentioned, the excerpts are translated … Continue reading Reading “Madame Bovary” by Gustave Flaubert

Reading “Sun of the Sleepless” by Lord Byron

Note: As you might have seen on this blog, I have been working on literary analysis since pretty a while ago. I am not sure how reliable or how correct these analysis are. My goal is to keep a record of my writings here so over a longer span of time, it would be easier … Continue reading Reading “Sun of the Sleepless” by Lord Byron

Reading “The Mistress of the Inn” by Carlo Goldoni

Note: This is an immediate thought after reading the text of The Mistress of the Inn (La Locandiera) by Carlo Goldoni. In putting this text together, I felt the need to refer to Goldoni's text at some points. Since I don't have the English text available, I 've decided to translate the excerpts where necessary. … Continue reading Reading “The Mistress of the Inn” by Carlo Goldoni

Reading “Making a Change” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Note: I got to know Charlotte Perking Gilman through Lois Tyson's amazing book Critical Theory Today. In her book, where she discusses feminist criticism, The Yellow Wallpaper is suggested to be analyzed through a feminist reading. I ordered a Dover Edition where there are seven short stories; that's the edition to which I will be … Continue reading Reading “Making a Change” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Remembering – On The Sense of an Ending and Waterland

It's not my first time to write about The Sense of an Ending, by Julian Barnes, and Waterland, by Graham Swift, on this blog. Well, to some extent, it is... because the last time I actually didn't write about them; I simply extracted a paragraph of each one. Why do these books matter so much … Continue reading Remembering – On The Sense of an Ending and Waterland

On Daisy Miller by Henry James

Note: I don't intend to call this an analysis. It's rather a series of observations I have had throughout my reading. Putting them down on this blog, I'm trying to provide myself with the opportunity of getting back to it and carry out a more thorough analysis in the future. The history of mankind is … Continue reading On Daisy Miller by Henry James