Quick Thoughts on the European Parliament Elections

1) When Macron won the elections and became the President in France my students said: The French have taken the right step. To which my response was: a) this definitely means Le Pen will win the next election. b) had it been in Italy people would have definitely voted Le Pen. c) in order to … Continue reading Quick Thoughts on the European Parliament Elections

On WCF Verona

On 29th, 30th and 31st of March, Verona is hosting World Congress of Families. Although, it is of doubt to what extent "Verona" is actually the host, considering the fact that the metonymy is supposed to work for the people living in Verona, who in this case don't really look happy. Such conventions are a … Continue reading On WCF Verona

سقوط پاریس

آلیستر هورن در «سقوط پاریس» می‌نویسد: «چهره‌ی پاریس برای چند سال به شکل حیرت‌آوری تغییر کرد. نیمی از نقاشان خانه‌ها، نیمی از لوله‌کشان،‬ نیمی از بنایان و کاشی‌کاران و نیمی از کفاشان و طباخان غیب شده بودند. حدود بیست سال طول کشید تا نسل جدیدی از پیشه‌وران در پاریس به وجود‬ آیند.» روزنامه‌ی فیگارو نوشته بود: «پاریس … Continue reading سقوط پاریس