Trump’s White-Supremacist Tweets Deconstructed

As an immigrant living in a country where migration is visibly a serious issue and has recently led to significant political shifts as well, I happen to hear people saying "Go back to your own country" to immigrants pretty often. Since Matteo Salvini entered the government, racial slurs have become more frequent because of the … Continue reading Trump’s White-Supremacist Tweets Deconstructed

Reading “The Mistress of the Inn” by Carlo Goldoni

Note: This is an immediate thought after reading the text of The Mistress of the Inn (La Locandiera) by Carlo Goldoni. In putting this text together, I felt the need to refer to Goldoni's text at some points. Since I don't have the English text available, I 've decided to translate the excerpts where necessary. … Continue reading Reading “The Mistress of the Inn” by Carlo Goldoni

The Strange Case of Dr. Omar and Mr. Trump

When someone says being Jewish and supporting Israel means you are not loyal to America, we must call it out. When someone looks at a neo-Nazi rally and sees some 'very fine people' among its company, we must call it out. - Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader, AIPAC 2019 It might seem strange at the … Continue reading The Strange Case of Dr. Omar and Mr. Trump

On WCF Verona

On 29th, 30th and 31st of March, Verona is hosting World Congress of Families. Although, it is of doubt to what extent "Verona" is actually the host, considering the fact that the metonymy is supposed to work for the people living in Verona, who in this case don't really look happy. Such conventions are a … Continue reading On WCF Verona

Reading “Making a Change” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Note: I got to know Charlotte Perking Gilman through Lois Tyson's amazing book Critical Theory Today. In her book, where she discusses feminist criticism, The Yellow Wallpaper is suggested to be analyzed through a feminist reading. I ordered a Dover Edition where there are seven short stories; that's the edition to which I will be … Continue reading Reading “Making a Change” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

On Daisy Miller by Henry James

Note: I don't intend to call this an analysis. It's rather a series of observations I have had throughout my reading. Putting them down on this blog, I'm trying to provide myself with the opportunity of getting back to it and carry out a more thorough analysis in the future. The history of mankind is … Continue reading On Daisy Miller by Henry James

تاریخ‌پاره – ۱

در سال ۱۸۳۰، فردیناند هفتم، پادشاه اسپانیا با یک پرنسس لیبرال ناپلی به نام ماریا کریستیناازدواج کرد و دخترشان، ایزابلا، به مقام ولایت عهدی رسید. اشراف و اهالی کلیسا، که معتقد بودند یک زن نمی‌تواند بر اسپانیا حکمرانی کندْ از این تصمیم ناراضی بودند. پس از مرگِ شاه در سال ۱۸۳۳ اسپانیا صحنه‌ی جنگ داخلی … Continue reading تاریخ‌پاره – ۱

On Sexual Harassment and Patriarchy

Few storms have made it to sweep the world where we live in so many different fields. Conjugal houses, college dormitories, hotel rooms with friends and maids, work offices of a local company or meeting rooms of gigantic multinationals, auditioning studios, parliaments, senates; in other words, wherever men are present, sexual harassment is present as … Continue reading On Sexual Harassment and Patriarchy