To a Great Hero

Versione italiana qui She was 11 when I first saw her. She was in the 5th grade of the elementary school. On the first day, we were trying to describe a picture in their book. I would ask them questions and they would take turns responding. Those who couldn't respond were often helped by the … Continue reading To a Great Hero

A Dream Denied

"A Dream Denied" was the title of a conference, held by the department of American Studies of Turin University on December 7th 2018 where Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson discussed "the legacy of MLK and the situation of African Americans 50 years after his assassination." The conference included a thorough narration of the Civil War, Emancipation Declaration, with … Continue reading A Dream Denied


همزمان با اشغال سرزمین اسراییل توسط امپراتوری روم، پسر جوانی که شاگرد چیره دست یک دکان نجاری در ناصره بود به جرم اینکه نامزدش پیش از ازدواجشان باردار استْ از کار اخراج می‌شود. پسر جوان نزد یکی از تجار شهر می‌رود و به ازای سودی هنگفت مبلغی پول قرض می‌کند تا بتواند ابزارآلات نجاری بخرد … Continue reading صلیب