Mueller Hearing and What It Was(n’t)

The day that many House Democrats had long been anticipating finally came. Robert Mueller appeared in the House of Representatives to testify before the members of the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. The first set of questions was asked by the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Rep Jerry Nadler of NY who tried to stab the … Continue reading Mueller Hearing and What It Was(n’t)

Trump’s White-Supremacist Tweets Deconstructed

As an immigrant living in a country where migration is visibly a serious issue and has recently led to significant political shifts as well, I happen to hear people saying "Go back to your own country" to immigrants pretty often. Since Matteo Salvini entered the government, racial slurs have become more frequent because of the … Continue reading Trump’s White-Supremacist Tweets Deconstructed

The Strange Case of Dr. Omar and Mr. Trump

When someone says being Jewish and supporting Israel means you are not loyal to America, we must call it out. When someone looks at a neo-Nazi rally and sees some 'very fine people' among its company, we must call it out. - Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader, AIPAC 2019 It might seem strange at the … Continue reading The Strange Case of Dr. Omar and Mr. Trump

On Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

In a reversed world, fake news circulates in freedm and those who reveal the truth are prosecuted and imprisoned. The citizen's right to information, well thanks! Cristina Kirchner, former Argentinian President on her Twitter account A few hours ago the Metropolitan police of London entered the Embassy of Ecuador in order to capture Julian Assange. … Continue reading On Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

Mueller Probe Deconstructed

It has been slightly more than an hour since Attorney General William Barr has sent a letter to the US House of Representatives, summarizing Robert Mueller's report, submitted to him earlier this week. Robert Mueller had been assigned by Rod J. Rosenstein back in 2017 to "ensure a full and thorough investigation of the Russian … Continue reading Mueller Probe Deconstructed

Brief thoughts on Christchurch Terrorist Attack

In August 2017, a man plowed his car into a group of people who were protesting against the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville who had been chanting "Jews Will Not Replace Us." In late November, a man, who had been debating other Gab users in how moderate Donald Trump's immigration policy is, called them … Continue reading Brief thoughts on Christchurch Terrorist Attack

Shutdown or National Emergency

A bipartisan deal is proposed to the President of the United States to help him avoid a second shutdown in less than two months while not granting his request of 5.7 billion dollar funding for the wall. The Senators are supposed to vote for it. Before the voting begins Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Ia) appears on … Continue reading Shutdown or National Emergency

On the shutdown

The longest shutdown in the history of the United States has ended some hours ago. The shutdown, which as everyone already knows, happened over the House not funding the wall along the Southern border, indeed ended with the House not funding the wall along the Southern border! This shutdown, like the previous one, happened over … Continue reading On the shutdown

Venezuelan Hypothesis

It's less than an hour away from midnight in Europe, January 23rd 2019. The past few hours have faced dramatic changes in months of people's bloody struggle in Venezuela. The only thing that comes to my mind, which can be compared to the current situation is "The Tahrir Square" in Cairo, 2011. Here's what has … Continue reading Venezuelan Hypothesis

A Dream Denied

"A Dream Denied" was the title of a conference, held by the department of American Studies of Turin University on December 7th 2018 where Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson discussed "the legacy of MLK and the situation of African Americans 50 years after his assassination." The conference included a thorough narration of the Civil War, Emancipation Declaration, with … Continue reading A Dream Denied