Reading “Sun of the Sleepless” by Lord Byron

Note: As you might have seen on this blog, I have been working on literary analysis since pretty a while ago. I am not sure how reliable or how correct these analysis are. My goal is to keep a record of my writings here so over a longer span of time, it would be easier … Continue reading Reading “Sun of the Sleepless” by Lord Byron

The Far-Right Threat to Freedom of Speech

When the Italian deputy Prime-Minister Matteo Salvini took office last year, he hinted a couple of times that in his opinion, spending public funds to protect Roberto Saviano was useless. At that time, these remarks were not much highlighted in the Italian media and few pundits highlighted the threat they were posing. Almost a year … Continue reading The Far-Right Threat to Freedom of Speech

A Great, una grande campionessa

English version here Quando la incontrai per la prima volta, aveva undici anni. Era nella quinta elementare. Al primo giorno, stavamo cercando di descrivere una figura sul libro. Gli facevo delle domande e loro mi rispondevano a turno. Quelli che non ci riuscivano, venivano spesso aiutati dagli altri; sostanzialmente da lei e un'altra ragazza che … Continue reading A Great, una grande campionessa

To a Great Hero

Versione italiana qui She was 11 when I first saw her. She was in the 5th grade of the elementary school. On the first day, we were trying to describe a picture in their book. I would ask them questions and they would take turns responding. Those who couldn't respond were often helped by the … Continue reading To a Great Hero

Reading “The Mistress of the Inn” by Carlo Goldoni

Note: This is an immediate thought after reading the text of The Mistress of the Inn (La Locandiera) by Carlo Goldoni. In putting this text together, I felt the need to refer to Goldoni's text at some points. Since I don't have the English text available, I 've decided to translate the excerpts where necessary. … Continue reading Reading “The Mistress of the Inn” by Carlo Goldoni

Iraqi Paramilitary Rescue Teams and the Iran Flood

So for those of you who don't know: over the past few weeks several parts of Iran have been hit by devastating floods. As you might imagine, the first responders were not as quick as they should have been. You might probably not know this but: The IRGC, which as of today is nominated a … Continue reading Iraqi Paramilitary Rescue Teams and the Iran Flood

The Strange Case of Dr. Omar and Mr. Trump

When someone says being Jewish and supporting Israel means you are not loyal to America, we must call it out. When someone looks at a neo-Nazi rally and sees some 'very fine people' among its company, we must call it out. - Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader, AIPAC 2019 It might seem strange at the … Continue reading The Strange Case of Dr. Omar and Mr. Trump

On Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

In a reversed world, fake news circulates in freedm and those who reveal the truth are prosecuted and imprisoned. The citizen's right to information, well thanks! Cristina Kirchner, former Argentinian President on her Twitter account A few hours ago the Metropolitan police of London entered the Embassy of Ecuador in order to capture Julian Assange. … Continue reading On Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

On WCF Verona

On 29th, 30th and 31st of March, Verona is hosting World Congress of Families. Although, it is of doubt to what extent "Verona" is actually the host, considering the fact that the metonymy is supposed to work for the people living in Verona, who in this case don't really look happy. Such conventions are a … Continue reading On WCF Verona

Reading “Making a Change” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Note: I got to know Charlotte Perking Gilman through Lois Tyson's amazing book Critical Theory Today. In her book, where she discusses feminist criticism, The Yellow Wallpaper is suggested to be analyzed through a feminist reading. I ordered a Dover Edition where there are seven short stories; that's the edition to which I will be … Continue reading Reading “Making a Change” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman