Why am I writing? Because I think it is worth it… because someone may read some of these things someday and look at something differently…

What am I writing? I am writing about what I think matters. I am writing about what I am learning, observing, reading. I am not writing about myself; I am writing about, or maybe, I am trying to write about “us”; about “all of us”… without anyone being left out; probably a lot has been left out so far. It is not because I do not care… It is because I do not know; and I am trying to learn. I am writing about whatever worries me; and I know they are not simple things… They are complicated; and I think we cannot have simple responses to complicated things… Anybody who gives us simple responses to our problems is fooling us.

What are my responses? I have got none. I do not have responses; I write to redefine the questions.

Thanks for being here.

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