Second Wave of #IranProtests

It has been quite some time since I last updated this blog because of the extreme number of things I have had to deal with… I never thought, or even wanted, to get back to it in such a condition.

We are now on the fourth day of a new round of #IranProtests which are going down a very violent and catastrophic road. This goes hand in hand with the fact that the Internet in the country has been broken down for three days now and very limited footage or video is coming from the uprising.

The videos that are obtained despite the quasi-total blackout show massive number of protests, high number of security forces, almost apocalyptic state in the cities and horrendous crackdown. There have been videos showing people brutally shot in different cities across the country. State news agencies at the end of the second day of the protests mentioned about 1000 arrests which, since several previously detained protesters have died suspiciously in prisons, can be extremely alarming.

The protests began after an abrupt price hike in fuel prices which saw 50% increase for rationed fuel and 200% for over-rationed fuel. This decision was introduced as an executive order of Rouhani’s government and was not discussed or overseen by the Iranian parlament. Also, no measures were announced about the public subsidies due to the sudden price hikes. It is now known that the price hikes of the fuel was a policy dictated by the IMF and everyone knows about the irrationality of the IMF economic policies specifically in developing and less-developed countries.

The fact that other international organizations have kept relatively silent about the direct and brutal consequences of an irrational policy by a member of their family is heartbreaking.

Over the past two years, since the last wave of IranProtests, late 2017 and early 2018, there have been several cases of private banks collapsing making middle class investor having to do with capital losses. Moreover, several cases of embezzlement by different high ranking officials had created a visible social discontent.

The imposed silence by the government and the Internet Blackout are making the situation much more hectic and unpredictable than one often can think of. This has also led to a low resonance of this wave of IranProtests in the Western media which this morning was shaken by a leak of Iranian intelligence of documents over the activities in Iraq.

The Iranian community living abroad are extremely worried about their beloved back home, Having little possibility of keeping in contact with them and the alarming situation that the population is facing, the Islamic Republic has managed to take another unprecedented step in discomforting its own citizens.

For the moment I cannot think of anything else except for wishing the things to go back to a partial normalcy so at least under safe and secure connections we can have a veritable account of what has been going on. We already know, it is not very pleasant.

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