The State of Fascism

A lot has been discussed and written as far as Fascism is concerned in the West. Has it been useful? I believe not. Because what has been counted as signs of Fascism emerging in the society is being seen again and few people are reacting. Because the ground is being laid for the atrocities Fascism committed and yet there are people who are embracing it.

I have been living in this country for almost eight years now and I have been working as a school teacher for almost six years… What is breathtaking, in the country where Fascism came to prominence not long ago, is the poor education provided about it.

Students at school study the history of the years that led to the Second World War and the defeat of Fascism. There is also the regular yearly commemoration of Shoah including readings, speeches, etc. To the students in Italian schools, Fascism is secret death camps in Germany!

People do not know about the economic causes of Fascism, about how a huge part of the population jumped on board with it, about the solutions it offered to the social issues and about the fact that when all those solutions proved to be a total failure, Fascism laid the blame on the elite and global circles of power that deny us our sovereignty and prosperity.

The need for workforce over the past four or five decades led schools to a complete change of focus. Instead of providing the common sense for citizens of a society that aims at equality, schools were turned into training machines for people whose precariousness in the job markets would contribute to an extreme economic inequality.

We cannot fight this without highlighting the importance of schools and what they provide the students with. We cannot sit back and watch people being mobilized by hatemongers, who are part of the problem, pointing at our co-sufferers as the cause of our problems. We need schools which do not contribute to those who are making benefits at our cost.

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