Trump’s White-Supremacist Tweets Deconstructed

  • As an immigrant living in a country where migration is visibly a serious issue and has recently led to significant political shifts as well, I happen to hear people saying “Go back to your own country” to immigrants pretty often. Since Matteo Salvini entered the government, racial slurs have become more frequent because of the legitimacy provided by the deputy Prime Minister.

  • During the past few weeks, migration-related issues in the US have stirred numerous debates. As Trump called for, and then delayed, ICE raids across the country, to arrest illegal immigrants, regardless of their criminal records, to AOC calling the detention centers in the southern US border “concentration camps” and as some Democrats from the House of Representatives visiting the southern border camps and testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee to Trump calling for ICE raids again, today on July 14th, immigration has been heating the political arena much beyond simmering. Things moved from tragedy to groteque when Mike Pence and a group of GOP senators (including Lindsey Graham and John Cornyn) went for a visit to the camps!
  • This morning Trump tweeted at the “Progressive Democrat Congresswomen” calling them “those coming from countries where governments are corrupted failures” and asking why they don’t go back to fix their “crime-infested” home countries. This could also help as an evidence to everyone for the President’s racism (which is already known to a lot of people) so as to keep the public attention away from the horrendous conditions of the concentration camps.
  • The strong man, aiming at the most vulnerable people in his surroundings is back at it again. Who is Trump refering to? First of all: “congresswoman” as it is easier for the strong man to stand against the women; considering the fact that among progressive members of the House of Representatives, there were also men who in addition were present in the visits to the concentration camps. The members attacked by Trump chiefly include: AOC from NY, Ayanna Pressley from MA, Rashida Tlaib from MI and Ilhan Omar from MN. Not surprisingly, among them, only the last one is not born on the US soil. I call these people “The Musketeers” on Twitter.
  • What is at work here is nothing but white supremacy. None of the Musketeers are white. Trump is trying to use his bigotry to highlight the fact that “You are not white, therefore you are not American.” After the Democrats’ visit to the concentration camp, the GOP continuosly accused them of lying, and while Democrats were asking to be sworn in before reporting their observations to the House, Mike Pence’s visit added a new side to the entire story; Images of white men walking outside freely with non-white men in cages is to render the narration effective that “whites are on the right side of this story” and if the same device is used at the Capitol Hill, the Hispanic Caucus, who was in charge of organizing the visit happens to be on the wrong side.
  • Trump, who in his early rallies back in 2015 often stormed at the “elites from Washington” two days ago in his Social Media Summit, called himself and the guests as the real elites. This is how he comes to the showdown with the congresswomen who are not PAC-funded and rely on grassroot organizing. By hitting at countries which are corrupted and crime-infested and badly need the help from progressive Democrat congresswomen, Trump regenerates the elite-commoner duo in a broader scale.
  • The attacks today from Donald Trump was to a big extent facilitated by the Democrats leadership on the Capitol Hill! Last week, Speaker Pelosi when confronted by the notion of the progressive Democrats in the house, just shrugged them off and mentioned that these people are just four. Expectedly, Trump mentioned that Pelosi can be helpful in sending the Musketeers back home.
  • Various Democrats from both the House and the Senate were quick at hitting back at Trump. This excluded Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin. Members of GOP have kept a loud silent.

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