Iraqi Paramilitary Rescue Teams and the Iran Flood

So for those of you who don’t know: over the past few weeks several parts of Iran have been hit by devastating floods.

As you might imagine, the first responders were not as quick as they should have been.

You might probably not know this but: The IRGC, which as of today is nominated a terrorist organization under Trump adminstration, beyond military engagements is also planned to act as a first responder. The quality of their service has always been a matter of questionability.

Now there have been numerous cases of complaints from the victims of the floods about the scarce provision of immediate amenities and despite different countries mobilizing to send financial and stock help to the flooded zones, people are in dire need of help.

Now this is the critical point: over the past few days an Iraqi paramilitary, made up of different groups, some founded and supported (aka paid for) by the IRGC has entered the flooded zones in order to “help with the reconstruction.”

This group havs also, on numerous occasions, openly stated the support Iran has been providing them with and the key role Iran plays in Iraq. The stupefying issues here are these:

1) The Iraqi forces who have come to help with the flooding are armed!

2) The leader of the militia is an Iraqi-Iranian who has previously engaged in armed attacks against embassies of the countries who supported Iraq in the war it waged against Iran during 1980-1988.

3) The leader of this militia lived in Iraq with a fake ID until eventually discovered by the American operatives in 2007. He then fled to Iran and got sheltered until the US troops were withdrawn.

4) Apparently local people are concerned that as their discontentment against the insufficiency of rescue plans surges, the IRGC-tied militias from Iraq can engage in an eventual crackdown of any upcoming riot!

5) Earlier this year, a part of the paramilitary soldiers were arrested in Baghdad as their outlets were raided for intelligence inspection.

6) Over the past few days rumors have spread that a series of Iraqi MPs, tied to Allawi the former PM, are calling for the dismantling of the paramilitary group in Iraq as its target, i.e. defeating ISIS, has been met.

7) This could be more alarming when one thinks that Iran is planning to provide that sector of Hashad al Shaabi that it has founded and supported with a safe haven.

Now generally speaking, Iran is a country where floods, and earthquakes happen frequently and rescuing and supporting the victims of these disasters are often a matter of debate, partly due to the lack of transparency.

Under these circumstances, concerns such as the veracity of the claims around the Iraqi paramilitary, while the international help packages for floods in Iran are to a big extent not distributed among the victims, raises a handful of questions.

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