On WCF Verona

On 29th, 30th and 31st of March, Verona is hosting World Congress of Families. Although, it is of doubt to what extent “Verona” is actually the host, considering the fact that the metonymy is supposed to work for the people living in Verona, who in this case don’t really look happy.

Such conventions are a part of the dog-whistle politics that the emerging Far-Right parties are implementing to present us all the more with the concepts they are seeking to materialize.

World Congress of Families is organized yearly through the efforts of an American organization which is one of the important leverages of the Christian right. The Christian right started to gain momentum in the 50s as the Civil Rights Movement started to surge in the US. Through teachings and preachings of Bascom Ray Lakin and later Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, the Christian right started to gain momentum. After JFK became the US President and started to embrace progressive causes, conservative Catholics started to move away from the democratic party; evangelicals who had campaigned against Kennedy as a Catholic found potentials in the unhappy Democrats. During Ronald Reagan’s presidency when the debates around abortion started to heat up, more democrats left the party for Reagan’s party whose stance as the President of the US was refutative in this regard; Although it was the very Ronald Reagan who worked hard to decriminalize abortion in California as a Governor. The alliance which was formed in this period, helped the Christian right to be integrative and not exclusory towards the other denominations.

The way that the Christian right has organized throughout these years can indeed be a lesson for the subalterns to learn. What must be the role model for the working class, women, LGBTQIA, immigrants, non-conservative Jews and Muslims in this confrontation is to regard one another’s cause as one’s own and embrace it. The conservative politicians are coming for all of us. We, as the subalterns need to understand this battle is for all of them, and they need to fight it all together.

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