Mueller Probe Deconstructed

It has been slightly more than an hour since Attorney General William Barr has sent a letter to the US House of Representatives, summarizing Robert Mueller’s report, submitted to him earlier this week. Robert Mueller had been assigned by Rod J. Rosenstein back in 2017 to “ensure a full and thorough investigation of the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.”

  • Back after the special counsel was assigned, Trump immediately started referring to this matter in a language of his own. Whereas the letter that appoints Robert Mueller to this investigation, charges him of investigating Russian interference in the the election, Trump addressed the issue as if the principal duty of the special counsel were to find evidences against his campaign. The cable news and the mainstream media visibily fell into the trap set by the President and started using his rhetoric in covering the stories that came up later on.
  • The indictments made by Mueller’s team and different campaign members’ misconduct led the mainstream media to consistently promise a report that would crush Donald Trump’s presidency. The media could have well covered real issues going on in this presidency; including, to name just a few, the mounting economic pressure on the American working class, the course of actions by this administration to denigrate the rule of law, the divisive rhetoric that continued to further the distance among different stratum of the society, securing the denial off citizens’ basic rights through modifications to the judiciary system and the hateful regard of the President for the journalists. Nevertheless, the media went on to downgrade the wrongdoings of the President to merely a conspiracy theory of Russian intervention.
  • The mainstream media relentlessly covered the possible content of the report, that nobody had seen, over the past 48 hours. Now that the report summary is out, it refuses to admit to the mistakes made throughout the period. CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post are unanimously calling for the release of the entire report, which despite the sense it indeed makes, is not going to be the solution.
  • The reason why the media refuses to address the real issue is quite simple: the political structure refuses to admit to the mistakes it has made; therefore it seeks external intervening factors to blame for the narrative to have unfolded in its current status. The liberal politics repudiates the fact that by forsaking the sovereignty to banks, corporations and lobbyists it has overburdened the life of the working people who see no prospects of progress in their everyday life. It declines the fact that a society whose education does not provide its recipients with a critical attitude, is bound to be superseded by othering. In this specific case, the Democratic Party lacked the self criticism that would, at least, lead them to a diagnosis of their performance in the 2016 election. The mainstream media, who tries to cover up for this sort of politics seeks to inculpate the outsiders for the emergence of Trump and his counterparts in other countries. It is therefore disdainful to those who indeed rally before such politics of Trump and Co. The cycle goes on to intensify, till Trump and Co, who could have easily been taken off the political arena through political battle, turn into heros and when eventually taken down, be martyrized and consecrated.
  • Trump, who had done nothing short of undermining Mueller’s team and downplaying the integrity of its investigation, immediately reacted to the report. Although the Attorney General’s summary mentions that Mueller’s report “doesn’t exonerate the President,” he appeared before the cameras and said that he had been completely exonerated. The media and the politics that over the past years granted Trump political stardom, have now vouchsafed him a hero’s welcome to the 2020 presidential election.

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