Brief thoughts on Christchurch Terrorist Attack

In August 2017, a man plowed his car into a group of people who were protesting against the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville who had been chanting “Jews Will Not Replace Us.”

In late November, a man, who had been debating other Gab users in how moderate Donald Trump’s immigration policy is, called them “a bunch of cowards” and said “I’m going in.” He got off the car, took his guns and entered the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and opened fire on the members of HIAS who had gathered there.

Yesterday, a man, who called Trump as “a new symbol of white identity” in a manifesto that he had published online, live-streamed himself as he entered a mosque in Christchurch in New Zealand.

Why has the white supremacist violence been surging over the past few years? There are those in Europe and the United States, who might not root for this type of violence, but they have the same concerns as those who conduct such violences: “Immigrants are sailing in and nestling in our lands. They are forming colonies, refusing to recognize our values and through high birth rates are about to outnumber us in our own lands.” Such a rhetoric claims to be righteous even more when the very same words are echoed in the streets of our cities from the leaders of the Western countries who claim to be leading the free world.

There is a misperception in progress here over the concept of “identity”: The western citizens are worried about their values and are afraid that the new wave of immigrants will not embrace them. Conceding that the Western values exist as a heterogenous integrity, and conceding that different sections of the western society agree upon such an integrity, such values are not a matter of the origin of those who share them. Such values are the fruit of education and awareness that the society is supposed to convey to those who live in it.

The Western society has been the target of governments who have defunded education, driven its abnormalities to the margins, overshadowed social and economic problems by bureaucracy over the past few years. Lack of a genuine education that can grant people a critical view in social dynamics has led to a social indifference and a growth of individualism; thus intensifying a new wave of othering in West. Although the western political thought, and its media, have been promoting a so-called diversity after the end of Cold War as a cornerstone of the western culture, they have endorsed an all the more process of unification that rushes to label any sort of difference as “other” and exclude it from the social arena.

Such an exclusion leads the subalterns to struggle for recognition. Women, LGBTQIA community, Asians and Middle-Easterners, Jews and Africans have to do all in their power to be recognized by the Western society, who as a result of its uneducatedness and cultural illiteracy refuses such recognition unless the subalterns embrace the western values and when the subalterns seek to publicize their alternative identities and narrate their alternate histories, hits back at them through its concerns about the western identity and the danger it faces of being entirely vanished.

Common people in a western society who share such concerns about the western identity, may not agree with the means of white supremacists in gunning down Jews, African-Ameicans and Muslims but they must know that once these concerns are voted for, institutionalized in form of governments and propagandized by the media, they nutriate the White Supremacist groups who spread hate rhetoric and are ready to shed blood for these western values.

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