Shutdown or National Emergency

A bipartisan deal is proposed to the President of the United States to help him avoid a second shutdown in less than two months while not granting his request of 5.7 billion dollar funding for the wall. The Senators are supposed to vote for it. Before the voting begins Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Ia) appears on the floor asking the Senators to “pray that the President has the wisdom to sign the bill so the Government wouldn’t shut down.” Senators literally begin praying!

A few hours later Senator Chuck Grassley is interrupted on the Senate Floor by Senator Mitch McConnell, so the latter might make the announcement that POTUS has agreed to sign the agreement thereby not pushing the Government into a second shutdown; at the moment of doing so, however, he’s also going to announce a national emergency. The Majority Leader, however, doesn’t hesitate in an immediate announcement of support for the President’s decision.

Speaker of the House is quick at challenging the decision, making the most threatening remarks to the Second Amendment fans: one year into Parkland Shooting, she suggests that a Democrat President might declare national emergency over gun issues. She also points out the fact that this decision can be challenged through legal measures.

Certain GOP Senators including Marco Rubio (Fl), Susan Collins (Me) and Rand Paul (Ky) refuse to back the President’s call for a national emergency and speak out against it. This is going to be the key moment for the GOP so, as by standing against what some of the Senators believe to be a violation of the constitution, it might be able to restore the dignity of the party that over the past two years has been operating as a mere machine for Donald Trump’s politics. On the other side of the pitch, Dems are calling for legal and congressional action against Trump’s national emergency.

Moments ago a mass shooting took place in Aurora (Il).

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