Venezuelan Hypothesis

It’s less than an hour away from midnight in Europe, January 23rd 2019. The past few hours have faced dramatic changes in months of people’s bloody struggle in Venezuela. The only thing that comes to my mind, which can be compared to the current situation is “The Tahrir Square” in Cairo, 2011.

Here’s what has happened earlier today:

  • Juan Guaidó, a young and promising Social-Democrat who is the de facto Speaker of the House, ten days after a brief detention, came to the street among the people and proclaimed himself interim president of Venezuela.
  • Canada recognized the new president. White House quickly issued the statement of recognition. Following up were some South American countries including Bolsonaro’s Brazil.
  • Nicolas Maduro’s government gave 72 hours to the US diplomats to leave the country.
  • Instagram unticked Nicolas Maduro’s account, raising the possibility of other social networks to follow suite.

Is this going to be a new process of regime changing in developing countries? Instead of people coming to streets, setting tents and calling for the governments to step down amidst violent clashes, a prominent figure can self-declare the President receiving immediate endorsements from the global society and conduct a process that can possibly be much less violent. This hypothesis needs more cases of realization in order to consolidate and move towards becoming into a theory.

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