Anti-Semitism in the US and the idea of Ethno-State

It is now a week since the terrorist attack at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. This attack comes as a proof to the theory that “anti-semitism is now at an unprecedentedly soaring level in the US.”

The terrorist attack was the last ring of a chain of events; the one before this being the alt-right rally in Charlottesville, where a group of white men were witnessed carrying torches at night and chanting “Jews will not replace us!” Moreover the mobilization in Charlottesville did not face the adequate response from the White House to meet what a lot of people demanded. On the other hand, the world heard Donald Trump’s words as the clashes between the right and left group started to rise that “There were very fine people in both groups.”

Why was it mere optimism to expect Trump to react differently to Charlottesville or to Pittsburgh? Trump’s attitude and his hunger for winning has led him to a point where he has never tried to express any hostility towards his supportes’ misconducts. This goes hand in hand with the fact that Trump uses an extremely divisive rhetoric thus strengthening the notion that the US is principally a white country. With such a remark the US is not supposed to have room for Jews, just as it is not supposed to tolerate the Hispanics, Asians, Middle-Easterns and Africans.

This is the point where a lot of those who position themselves beside Trump in American politics now fire back. The means to such a backfire is as a matter of fact Trump’s close ties with the Israeli government and Benjamin Netanyahu’s office. To a lot of those in favor of Trump’s politics, including Jews, Trump has been the closest POTUS to Israel who has moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, gotten rid of the Iran Deal and has demonstrated proven support for Israel in the region.

This is the point where the notion of ethno-state comes into question. In the alt-right nomenclature, state is considered a racial and ethnic aparatus. That is in fact the way the American alt-right engages with the idea of immigrants, proposing the US as a prevalently “white country” that cannot be preserved by someone else’s babies as Steve King, GOP Congressman from Iowa, put it once about a year ago. In such a doctrine of ethno-state, Israel is identified as the Jewish ethno-state and the American jews are welcomed to leave the US and move to the “jewish state of Israel.” That is what Netanyahu’s office has vowed to push towards and for which has indeed made moves over the past few months.

It is not the first time the world is observing such hostilities towards the Jewish people. What’s more, the anti-semitism that the world is displaying now leads to less accountability for the State of Israel for the way it is treating Palestinians and the humanitarian issues in places such as Gaza. If there is a “Jewish Nation-State” which is benefiting from the anti-semitism around the world, it might be the case to be more skeptic of the raison-d’être of such a state.

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