Dark Ages (1)-On Steve King and Viktor Orban

In late May 2017 an annual conference was held in Budapest which bore a rampant title: “Making Families Great Again.” Although lack of words beginning with vowels did not allow its holders to spread it the way the MAGA holder has been doing, the conference was disseminated enough to be addressed by a prominent figure in the current European politics: Viktor Orban; the Hungarian Prime Minister who is an important figure among the Eurosceptics in the European Union Parliament.

Orban who, before the MFGA summit, was widely remembered by his 2014 speech advocating a regime change in Hungary towards an “illiberal state” while accusing the native NGOs in his country of being “paid political activists” promoting foreign interests is now as well remembered by his eulogy to families, taking on LGBTQ as a threat to their greatness. Moreover, earlier this year, Orban’s ruling party took up a bill according to which NGOs financed by foreign sources have to register as FSOs, i.e. foreign supported organizations. Such an attempt is considered as legalizing Orban’s skirmish with George Soros who had paid Orban’s university fee in London but is now being widely demonized and tarnished by the ruling party across Hungary.

Today on December 9th 2017, Rep. Steve King (R – Iowa) ,and a tea party member, while mentioning diversity not a point of strength, cited Orban “mixing cultures will not lead to a higher quality of life” pandering to the Dark Age the GOP is living through.

It’s not the first time King and Orban’s ideas coincide: Earlier in July, when men were banned from a music festival in Sweden over high number of sexual assaults, King claimed the step had been taken due to what “the imported men” had been doing. Not surprisingly, when Orban was summoned last week to the Hungarian parliament in an attempt to take action against the increasing number of sexual harassments, proposed an end to immigration as a solution to the issue in question as he mentioned immigrant men guilty of sexual harassment.

We are only two days away from the special Senates election in Alabama and we are probably going to face Roy Moore, actually accused of sexually harassing underage girls and nevertheless endorsed by Steve King, taking on immigration and cultural diversity as a step towards reduction of sexual assaults.

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