On Sexual Harassment and Patriarchy

Few storms have made it to sweep the world where we live in so many different fields. Conjugal houses, college dormitories, hotel rooms with friends and maids, work offices of a local company or meeting rooms of gigantic multinationals, auditioning studios, parliaments, senates; in other words, wherever men are present, sexual harassment is present as well. Wherever “patriarchy” is present, sexual harassment is present as well.

Abusers, as they break into media, are taken down, cursed at, fired and reproached and branded. From now on, Harvey Weinstein is not known as a movie producer who has been thanked and appreciated endlessly at the Academy Awards ceremonies but as an abuser who let few girls and ladies get away with their auditions. Not many of us are going to remember Louis C.K. for his intelligent stand-up comedies but as for hypocrisy in calling “men” as the worst enemy of women, while masturbating in front of his admirers who were in that hotel room looking for hints on how to make careers — too bad the advice wasn’t useful for them as they had no penis!

It’s true the world has finally decided to untap ears over the issue of sexual harassment: We are looking at how Weinstein is going to end up, or if Roy Moore is going to be elected to fill in for Jeff Session in the US Senate, or if the Senate is going to expel him if he gets elected. We are wondering how Dems are going to put up with Al Franken, the first major harassment issue they are facing after Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. We are fawning over heartbreaking stories of #MeToo on twitter and facebook, sometimes shedding tears to sympathize with those victims. Hence, we are forgetting all those women on the streets who are harassed everyday while prostituting, all the queers and transgenders who are not even recognized, all factory workers who produce microchips for 2 dollars per day so we can read #MeToo stories while they might not even know what those chips are good for; let alone stepping up on a social network and share their stories. As in many occasions, we are too hooked by the instances; the dynamics that lead to them are left totally out of our sights.

All the reports that are run over these stories have kept “patriarchy” out of sight. The US Congress members, that have hardly faced challenges as such, are trying to form a battlefield using harassment accusers to beat their rivals in different levels: from the very Congress, to Senate, to The Supreme Court and to The White House, i.e. Impeachment!

Victims -who were lucky enough to be heard or fortunate enough to have the means to make themselves heard- after being heard for some time, are now being put back into shelves where they previously were. Patriarchy is back in control of everything: including the fate of victims, the fate of abusers, which of them to deal with and how to do so.

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